6 Recommended Surf Spots at Gold Coast Australia

There are a few reasons why people go down to the Gold Coast. Some of those reasons would include checking out the beaches, having a nice time with the family, going on a vacation with friends and etc. The Gold Coast is definitely a great place to do all of those things but there’s one more reason that we need… Read more →

How to Spend a Day in the Gold Coast – Part 2

We already gave you 4 fun ideas on how to spend your day while you’re visiting the Gold Coast. In case you missed that post, that was part 1 and you can find it here. Since we cannot get enough of giving you really solid ideas, we bring you more suggestions on places to visit, foods to eat, and things to… Read more →

How to Spend a Day in the Gold Coast – Part 1

There are a bazillion things that you can do in the Gold Coast that it’s impossible to go through one day and say that you’re bored because you didn’t have anything to do or you didn’t have anywhere to go. If you’ve told yourself (or any family member) the very same sentence while you were here, maybe you just ran… Read more →

Retro Beach Style Accomodation: La Costa Motel

Looking for a place to stay in while you’re visiting Gold Coast, Australia might not be as hard as you think. One easy way of finding a great place with reasonable rates is by checking out the Trip Advisor‘s website  and then looking at the very top of the list of hotels in Gold Coast. What you will find, currently, is… Read more →

Place to Visit: Lamington National Park

Visiting the Lamington National Park is certainly a must when you’re a nature lover seeking for places to visit in Gold Coast Australia. Experience the beauty of Lamington National Park’s walk trails, waterfalls and wild life. Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit every year to get a taste of the the rain forest, the ancient tree and… Read more →