4 Gold Coast Theme Park Rides that Can Make Your Heart Stop

You can do lots of fun things down at the Gold Coast. There are plenty of places to see, places to eat at, places to have fun on. On top of that, you’ll also find fun parks that have gnarly rides that could potentially make your heart stop. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or if you’re one of the braves, that will definitely sound good to you.

Rides that will make your face blur and your heart stop for a little while.

We thought so too so we’ve compiled a short list of heart pounding rides that you need to check out when you come visit the Gold Coast. Along with a defibrillator, maybe you can bring a paper bag along with you too.

THE CLAW over at DreamWorld

Dreamworld is just one of the many popular theme parks to visit in the Gold Coast. One reason could be because they have the BIG 8. The name ‘BIG 8’ alone sounds kind of scary already and they should be because they’re the 8 thrill rides that Dreamworld is proud of.

They, the BIG 8, are all gut-wrenching but we’re going for THE CLAW on this one because we think that it can make you hurl the fastest.

Imagine yourself flying in the air, approximately 9 stories high, turning 360degrees, swinging all over the place (well just left to right) at up to 75km/hour. Now, tell us if the sound of that doesn’t make you want to puke already.

It’s a very powerful pendulum and it’s “only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere”.

THE WEDGIE over at White Water World

White Water World is Dreamworld’s Water Park, full of slides, loops and all kinds of fun inside and outside the tubes. Despite it being a whole lot smaller than Dreamworld, White Water World also has it’s own thrilling attractions for adventure seekers.

One of those would be THE WEDGIE. Yes, it kind of sounds painful but we guarantee that you will love it. It’s a power slide that’s about 5 stories high. You go inside the launch chamber and you slide down with speeds of up to 45km/h in 2 seconds.

No wonder they call it THE WEDGIE.

THE ARKHAM ASULYM over at MovieWorld

If your a big fan of all kinds of movies, you need to visit the Movie World, a movie themed fun park with movie themed thrill rides. One thrill ride in particular caught our attention because it’s enough to drive you insane!

You’ll definitely dig this one if you’re a big Batman fan. The joker has escaped from the Arkham asylum and you need to gather your courage and face him. Can you keep your sanity? You’ll be going at a speed of up to 85km, twisting, turning, shouting, crying, and maybe laughing at the end? Let’s see.

THE AQUALOOP over at Wet n Wild

When you were a kid, remember those tubes that hamsters and gerbils run around in? That’s exactly what the Aqualoop looks like, only it’s not hamsters or gerbils that go in there. It’s going to be you travelling through a 40 foot giant water slide in speeds of up to 60km/h.

You’re heart is going to stop while you stand steadily inside the launcher, waiting for the trap door to open. It’s going to be quick, it’s going to be gravity defying, and hopefully it’s going to be fun for you. Will you go through with it?

More rides?

All of these thrill rides are enough to make any thrill seeker shout their lungs out. We’re sure that there are loads more rides that are even scarier and more of a heart stopper than these. Have you ever been on one? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to add that to the list.