5 “Must Visit and Must Taste” When at the Gold Coast

There comes a time when you go around a city or a certain area that you’ve just visited and you never really know where to eat (or what to eat for that matter) because you didn’t look it up.

It happens often times during vacations but this time, when you’re planning to go to the Gold Coast, we’ll make sure that you know exactly where the best places to eat are (plus the best, mouth-watering foods that will make you forget your name).

We give you our top 5 list of must visit restaurants & must taste foods:

5. Commune

1844 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220



Just want to hang out, drink some juice and maybe even eat something delicious and healthy for breakfast or lunch? Drag yourself down to the Commune at Burleigh Heads. It’s the perfect place to meet friends! We guess a lot of people figure that out because the place is always packed.

Must-Taste: Coffee


Didn’t we say that this is the best place to have breakfast in? Order yourself a nice cup of coffee (whatever type you want, they all taste amazing) and whatever special they have for the day. They also have what they call: “The Hangover Breakfast” which everyone loves!

4. The Little Plate

Shop 11/3 Deodar Drive, Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220

(61) 499 724 303


If you’re hankering for a bit of everything try out The Little Plate. Their cooking style range from Asian fusion to Mediterranean. It’s a great idea to reserve a table ahead of time because they’re usually booked out.

The restaurant may not be that spacious (it’s a boutique restaurant) but you know what they say, the best things come in small packages. In this case, the “best things” come in the form of food.

Must-Taste: Hard to say…

TheLittlePlate-Pork Belly

It’s seriously difficult to pin point just one type of food that you should try. Our advice is to watch out for the special of the day or of the night. Those always seem to sell out pretty quickly.

3. Hellenika

2235 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach,

Queensland 4218

(07) 5572 8009

Hellenika-the resto

You might want to call first and book a reservation before visiting this popular restaurant. The place and food reviews are just positively off the roof. People just cant wait to get a taste of the Greek dishes (listed in Greek with English translations) from this restaurant.

Must-Taste: 5-Hour Slow Baked Shoulder of Lamb

Hellenika-lamb shoulder

Oh yeah. That sounds good already! This dish would be the house specialty. From the looks of it, it’s also widely in demand. The website states that it’s a good idea to call first and pre-order this dish because of its limited numbers.

2. Burger Me Fresh

D14 Airport Central Eastern Avenue, Coolangatta, Queensland 4225

(61) 414 813 659


Food pictures from this burger place will be enough to convince you to come and visit. They’re slowly gaining popularity simply because they make really delicious burgers! Most visitors dare say that they have tasted the best burgers in town.

The place itself is pretty laid back. Couple that with warm greetings from the staff and you’ve got yourself the best place to spend a family lunch in.

Must-Taste: Gluten-Free bun, Currumbin Chicken Burger


If a picture paints a thousand words, maybe this particular one will stimulate a thousand salivary glands, wouldn’t you say?

1. Allure

136 Duringan Street, Currumbin, Queensland 4223

(07) 5525 6006


The restaurant with a French touch has been ranked as one of the best restaurants in Currumbin and it has also received dozens of favorable reviews from both critics and customers. That would be the main reason why this simple, yet elegant restaurant is on the top of our list.

The restaurant has been said to serve very mean French dishes. One reviewer even said that they “Out-Frenched the French”, a very strong statement that’s supported by many others.

Must-Taste: Rack of Lamb

Allure-Roasted Lamb

This would be the house specialty and it is an all time favorite that visitors order again and again. This would a rack of lamb that has been slow roasted and served on top of truffled mash and carrot with creamed baby spinach and shallot jus (yummy even to the ears!).

BONUS must-taste: Since you’re planning to visit, you might as well taste the Profiteroles as your dessert.