6 Recommended Surf Spots at Gold Coast Australia

There are a few reasons why people go down to the Gold Coast. Some of those reasons would include checking out the beaches, having a nice time with the family, going on a vacation with friends and etc. The Gold Coast is definitely a great place to do all of those things but there’s one more reason that we need to mention.

6 Recommended Surfing Spots - Gold Coast - 1The Gold Coast is also one of the top destinations in Australia that’s frequented by surfers of all skill levels. How can they not? Have you checked out the beaches and the waves in the Gold Coast? There are tons of surfing spots scattered all over the place (some may even be secret spots for pro surfers). And, that’s exactly what we’re going to highlight today. If you’re going down to the Gold Coast for the first time to catch a few waves, we recommend that you check out 6 places:

1. Palm Beach, 21st Avenue

6 Recommended Surfing Spots - Gold Coast - 2 - Palm Beach

This would be a great place to surf within the city. All you have to do is go to 21st avenue and then decide which side of the rocky jetty you want to surf  at. The beach is public and you can enjoy surfing from both directions (left and right).

If you want to just have fun and take it easy, go check out this place. It’s less crowded too!

2. Rainbow Bay

Rainbow Bay

With long wave rides, sandy bottoms and soft shores, this beach is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate surfers. You also might like a bit of barrel section out back. The beach may be a bit crowded (both on weekdays and weekends) but, hopefully, that won’t interfere with the surfing fun you plan to have.

3. Burleigh Heads, 5th Ave

6 Recommended Surfing Spots - Gold Coast - 3 - 5th Ave

With facilities like showers, rooms, toilets and parking (oh and food too!) what more do you need from a surfing spot? The waves are fast and powerful but surfers from beginners to experts can enjoy the beach break waves. The best part is that only a few people visit the beach on weekends and most of them are surfers.

The waves go from both direction (left and right) and if you’re planning to go there during the months of February until August, great because these are the best months to go for a surf on this spot.

4. Greenmount

6 Recommended Surfing Spots - Gold Coast - 4 - Coolangatta

Looking for a sheltered beach with a reliable surf? Go checkout Greenmount, another surfing spot within the city. You might also know or hear of it as Coolongatta. The wave quality is world class, granting surfers from different levels the hollow and fun waves it can produce.

Most surfers say that they’ve had pretty good experiences surfing in this area with a superbank section.

5. Currumbin Alley

Otherwise known as “The Alley”, Currumbin Alley is a public access surfer’s point with very consistent, world class waves. Both locals and non-locals go to this spot during “flat” days because you’ll always find waves there. It may be not be considered as “the best” spot because it’s located between Kira and Burleigh Heads but nonetheless, the waves are still plenty enough for everyone to enjoy.

6. Tugun


You might want to check this place out when you’re surfing on weekdays. It’s almost always empty so you get the waves all to yourself, granted that there are waves to begin with of course but not to worry because this spot has been reported to have very consistent frequencies.

Other than that, you can just sit back, relax and take in the amazing view.

Do you have more suggestions?

We would love to hear your surfing stories from the Gold Coast. If you have a secret spot or a place that you love to surf on, feel free to share your whichever with us.