Mermaid Beach

Located south of Surfers Paradise in between Broadbeach and Miami, Mermaid Beach is renowned for it’s exclusive residences located along Hedges Avenue which is often referred to as ‘millionaires row’. At the northern end of Mermaid Beach, towards Broadbeach, and along Hedges Av. it’s mostly residential, the beach here is quite and it’s still public access. The surf club at Mermaid Beach offers meals and drinks with a great view over the park and out to the ocean.

Along the Gold Coast Highway, still at the northern end of the suburb, there’s a tavern which serves meals and is popular with locals, there’s also a Sizzler restaurant, a mini golf course and a steakhouse.

Turtle Beach and Turtle Bay resorts located on the corner of the highway and Markeri St. are popular with family holiday makers, and there’s a cluster of shops on both sides of the highway including Chinese restaurants, convenience store, pizza shop, Subway and more.

At the southern end along Albatross Avenue there’s more holiday accommodation near the beach and also some along the highway. Inland from the highway it becomes Mermaid Waters.

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