Palm Beach

The suburb is located between Currumbin at the southern end and Burleigh at the northern end, stretching from the beach through to the Pacific Highway at it’s westerly side.

Walking along the beachfront at Palm Beach you may just an older style beach shack or two as the area is as yet to be redeveloped such has happened with other suburbs. Palm Beach has a very local feel to it and is mostly residential with the odd holiday accommodation offering to be found close to the beachfront. The inland waterways of the area also provide a fantastic lifestyle for the local residents enjoying the waterfront living and all it offers.

Handy local shops can be found along the Gold Coast Hwy either side of Palm Beach Avenue including a couple of pizza shops, tavern and bottle shop, supermarket and much more. The beach here is quite laid back but popular on weekends.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach map showing hotels, resorts & holiday apartments
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