The Spit

Located just north of Main Beach, The Spit, as the name implies, extends into the seaway and the landmass consists mostly of public parkland making it a popular location for fishing, boating and relaxing.

There are two parks, Doug Jennings Park at the northern end and Philip Park on the ocean side. The seaway along the Doug Jennings Park is popular for fishing, people fish off the rocks at the northern end, and at the southern end the rockwall ends and it returns to a sand shoreline.

Near the small cafe and convenience store there’s a walkway which leads down to the sand pumping jetty which is a pier that’s quite popular for fishing. There’s also a rockwall at the northern tip which you can take in the fresh ocean breeze and walk out a look back at Surfers Paradise and the beach.

There is also a 3.5 km walking track which leads through the natural bushland/rainforest adjacent to the beach, it’s really quite a pleasant stroll, detailed info and trail map here Federation Walk.

It’s also where the Seaworld resort and theme park is located, for accommodation and theme park ticket packages see here.

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