Indoor Skydiving is coming to the Gold Coast

To be located at 3082 and 3084 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise the iFly Indoor Skydiving is another cool addition to the amazing attractions on offer on the glitter strip.

FORMER Australian Special Air Services Regiment soldiers Danny Hogan and Wayne Jones came up with the idea to create the nation’s only indoor sky­diving facility or wind tunnel about seven years ago, but a US training mission in 2010 got them over the line.

The “flight chamber” is 13 metres high, five metres in diameter and allows up to eight experienced people to fly at one time. It is powered by four 450hp fans in the ceiling of the chamber, which draws the air up, creating lift for the user.

Hogan says the air is then recirculated, entering the tunnel again from the bottom — from below a net — having passed through two 600 kilowatt chilling units that control air temperature. While the facility is open to anyone — beginners to experts aged “three to 103” — it is the most advanced flight chamber available and can meet the ­demands of the most advanced skydivers.

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