Australian Legends World

Australian Legend World is a proposed theme park that will feature historical and educational performances, animal exhibits, an indoor ski field, a 3,500-seat theatre, and an adventure park. Alongside the park, there are plans for a 25 storey high-rise development.

The proposed park is an investment by the Chinese Songchen Group (CN: 宋城集团) who owns and operates theme parks, resorts, and hotels in China. China’s Ministry of Culture has declared the project as a “key cultural trade and investment project” of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.



The Chinese Songchen Group has a strong background in tourism services and theme parks. They own and manage ten mega-resort areas and thirty theme parks in China including


Hangzhou Songcheng Park


Fuzhou Songcheng Langlanglang Water Park


Songcheng Longquan Mountain Resort


Jiuzhai Songcheng Zangqiang Ancient City


Guilin Romance Park


Lijiang Romance Park


Sanya Songcheng Resort (Romance Park)


Songchen Group (CN: 宋城集团) is also listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300144.SZ) –


Proposed Address: 4 Lakeview Drive & 114-120 Nerang Broadbeach Road, & 122-250 Nerang Broadbeach Road


I Support this project

5.0 rating

December 11, 2019

Great for the city of goal coast, and brings many job opportunities
Will increase the number of tourists in QLD

Sam Kazal

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