Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park

The Natural Bridge is a naturally formed rock arch over Cave Creek, a tributary of the Nerang River. It was formed from a waterfall which undercut a cave beneath the waterfall and dug a pothole on top, until the two joined and the creek flowed through the cave, leaving an arch across the front.



The cave is home to a colony of glow worms (larvae of the insect Arachnocampa flava) and commercial operators lead night tours into the cave. Swimming is no longer permitted in order to protect the glow worm habitat.


The Natural Bridge Circuit which leads to the cave and back takes around 1hr in total and is 1km in distance.


Getting to Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park

Access to this section of the park is from the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.


Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park Location Map

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